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Scalp Micropigmentation is quickly becoming #1 latest choice for hair loss solution today! Serving clients with thinning hair, balding, transplant scars & alopecia.

At SoCal Scalp Pros we are dedicated to providing you with the latest technology, integrity & proven results.

Welcome to SoCal Scalp Pros

We are dedicated to helping you in your journey of finding the best treatment for your hair loss solution.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-invasive procedure and provides an advanced cosmetic treatment using mico-needles that deposit non-toxic pigment into the scalp. SMP creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles. Whether you are looking to have a natural appearance of thicker hair or a fresh buzz cut on a baldhead, SoCal Scalp Pros will provide you with the finest treatment.

This is a perfect solution is for anyone experiencing a variety different hair loss, thinning, restoring hairlines, bald, camouflage transplant scarring and alopecia.

At SoCal Scalp Pros we are committed to customizing your treatments to your own personal needs and providing you with the best possible service.

We look forward to helping you transform your new look.

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