Jason M.

As a young man with a full head of hair, I never thought getting older would bother me. I stay in shape to look my best but when my hair went, there was no amount of work outs that could fix my self esteem. Looking at a horseshoe on my head instantly deflated me and made me embarrassed to go out. With the scamp micro pigmentation process that Shelley performed I no longer shy away from pictures or going out without a hat on. My confidence is where it should be and I feel great!

John E.

I just finished my SMP with Shelley.  This was really a great experience with a great result.
I needed to have some serious scar work done.  She was very professional and very easy to work with.
The result is great and exceeded my expectations.  I learned a lot about the process with Shelly and would easily recommend her.



 Randolph J. Lucien

At the age of 23 years old, my hair started to thin.  By the time I was 28 years old, I started to cut my hair down to a #1 blade, so that it was even all the way around.  By the age of 32 years old, I had to buy a Wahl “Balding” clipper, since this clipper blade cut your head skin bald.  After several years of cutting my head skin bald, I started to notice that the outside of my hair was darker than my scalp.  The reason being was I still have hair growing on my sides, and not on my scalp.  I started to hate this look, as it reflected hair loss, even though my head was completely shaved.  I used to really enjoy taking pictures, however when viewing my pictures you could notice the discoloration between my scalp and side of my head, which I didn’t enjoy, because I wanted my head to be even all the way around.


My wife is a hair stylist, and she recommended I look into “scalp micro-pigmentation procedures.”  We both did the research together, and we found out about “Scalp Aesthetics.”  I went for a consultation and met with Tamara Guzman.  I have a really good sense of character and judgment, and during my consultation with Tamara, she successfully addressed all my questions, concerns, and I felt really comfortable during my consultation.  Tamara was completely collaborative during the process, and she insured that my look was what I wanted.

Over several sessions with Tamara I was able to get the look that I wanted, and was completely satisfied with my results.  My wedding was in June of 2017, and I couldn’t imagine having to take my wedding pictures with my head not complete, so Tamara aligned her schedule to ensure my head was complete by my wedding date.  During our sessions, Tamara took before and after pictures, so I could consistently see the changes on a weekly basis.

This procedure has brought my confidence back in taking pictures, and by not having to wear hats all the time.  I’m constantly approached by friends, and colleagues whom ask where I get my hair cut, and when I tell them, I went and got a “scalp micro-pigmentation procedure” they can’t believe it.  They then look at my head, and notice how real it looks compared to one with an even short haircut.  Besides the natural look, what I really like is how easy it is to maintain.  I would recommend Tamara to anyone that is looking to change the way they look due to thinning or balding hair.

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