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Top of the Line SMP Machine

A Variety of Inks That We Use

We only use the latest in SMP technology. The machine we use is not a permanent makeup pen or a paramedical tattoo device. It is designed to deliver high-quality scalp micro-pigmentation procedures as its primary function. The machine has a stroke length of 5mm. This longer stroke enables the technician to deposit more ink into the scalp while still only penetrating the outer layer of skin. This technique results in less fading, a fresher look, and creating a follicle replication to appear realistic.


Our inks are used by over half the industry and have been used in over 10,000 procedures worldwide.


• No color additives 
• Charcoal based ink will not shade to a colored hue over time and will always keep true to its original color.
• Specifically for scalp micro pigmentation to match exact hair follicle color.
• Easy to mix ink that will blend to match any hair color.